What are Cannabis-Derived Terpenes?

cannabis-derived terpenes

It seems that every day we discover more and more factors that contribute to what makes our favorite cannabis strains feel, smell, and taste the way they do. 

When we consume cannabis, the cannabinoids in our herb interact with and trigger the receptors in our brain that may make us sleepy, hungry, or euphoric. Although extremely beneficial, you may not be aware that cannabinoids are actually not the compounds that give cannabis its distinct smell and flavor. 

Just like with many other flowers and herbs, cannabis carries special compounds called terpenes. Furthermore, it has been said that these aromatic compounds are some of the most important natural aspects found in the cannabis plant.

Follow along to see what cannabis terpenes do for us and how they help make us fall in love with all of our favorite strains and products! 


Terpenes: What Are They?

First, let’s talk about some important basics. You might be wondering, “What exactly are Terpenes?”

Terpenes make cannabis strains smell the way they do—not only that but, when paired with cannabinoids like THC and CBD—they help drive the nuanced effects that the cannabis plant can have on us. 

As cannabis contains approximately 400 types of terpenes, it is certainly extremely important to remember that every individual is unique and can respond differently to these terpene profiles.

Furthermore, a handful of variables contribute to the amount (and variety) of terpenes a particular plant may produce. (Some examples: whether the plant is grown outdoors or indoors, its light exposure, the particular cultivation temperature, nutrient levels, etc.) 

Although traditionally thought to merely contribute to the sole experience of enriching the aroma and flavor of cannabis—more recently, these cannabis-derived terpenes have started to gain attention due to the emergence of the ‘entourage effect.’ 

This proposes that cannabis’ therapeutic benefits may be improved by adding or combining cannabinoids and terpenes, compared to just cannabinoids on their own.


Cannabis-Derived Terpenes & Their Importance

Terpenes not only provide therapeutic benefits for stress relief while demonstrating a beneficial role in cannabis medicine but, they also play a similarly integral role in a cannabis plant’s growth and survival. 

These naturally occurring sticky compounds, found in the trichomes of female plants, help to enrich the color and pigmentation in leaves/buds. 

They also contribute to the flavor of the cannabis plant, and enhance the plant’s attractiveness to some creatures while deterring others that may cause harm to the plant. 

Ultimately, there’s still an abundance of unknown information surrounding cannabis-derived terpenes and their interactions with each other. 

Nevertheless, we can continually see the growing medical and recreational interest in these compounds as they continue to yield fascinating findings in the cannabis sphere.

As the cannabis market better defines itself in the coming years – we will begin to see a more concrete understanding of how terpenes develop and interact with our bodies, as well as more evidence for a synergistic ‘entourage effect.’


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