The Latest News Coming out of Massachusetts’ Legal Cannabis Industry

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The Commonwealth of Massachusetts rapidly continues to grow its cannabis market in size, numbers, and quality. Last year alone, the state took in more than $1.42 billion in recreational cannabis sales.

As of the first month in 2023, there are 264 adult-use cannabis dispensaries and 100 medical marijuana treatment centers in the state. Approximately 242 additional recreational cannabis licenses are pending approval by the state Cannabis Control Commission.

With this thriving cannabis market expanding more jobs and businesses, the industry is also gaining support through policy reforms and cannabis resources within the state. Follow along to learn about the latest news coming out of Massachusetts’ legal cannabis industry!


MDAR’s Pesticide Approval for Cannabis Cultivation

Towards the end of November last year, the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) released a statement announcing the legal use of specific pesticides for hemp and cannabis crops.

This announcement comes after years of MDAR prohibiting the use of pesticides for cannabis cultivators in Massachusetts. During this time, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) did not allow the use of registered pesticides for hemp or marijuana use.

In 2018, the Farm Bill removed hemp from the Controlled Substance list and legalized its cultivation. Since then, pesticide manufacturers now legally include hemp in their labeling and register these products with the EPA.

In order for a pesticide solution or product to be used for cannabis cultivation in the state of Massachusetts, it must be:

  • A product registered with the EPA.
  • The product must be registered for use in Massachusetts.
  • The product must be labeled for either tobacco or hemp use.
  • The active ingredient must be food tolerance exempt.
  • Products must be labeled for use on hemp in greenhouses if the cultivation is indoors.


This update on pesticide use for cannabis by the MDAR is a major policy shift for cultivators across the state. There are multiple perspectives that have arisen in response to this pesticide approval; time will tell how it impacts the state’s market.


New Educational Programs and Resources in Massachusetts

It’s clear to see that among the many legal cannabis states across the U.S., Massachusetts has an exceptionally inclusive and detailed set of state cannabis regulations. Not only is the Commonwealth’s cannabis social equity program inclusive to both brick-and-mortar and delivery cannabis businesses – there is a bevy of programs and resources in action to promote consumer education and awareness.

Recently, Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MDOT) officials announced that they are adding a legal cannabis program (which includes cannabis impairment) to the state’s school driver’s education curriculum.

Titled,“Shifting Gears: the Blunt Truth about Marijuana and Driving,”MDOT expects approximately 50,000 student drivers to be taught the program across 700 schools in the state. Massachusetts will be the first-ever state with a legal cannabis program for cannabis driving impairment!


New Cannabis Industry Reform Bill

In addition to these educational resources across the state, MA Governor Charlie Baker also announced a new cannabis industry reform bill for the state. It includes social-equity provisions, tax reforms, expungement, and a change in industry fees.

Here are a few major highlights of this new cannabis industry reform bill and what it means for Massachusetts:

  • The state’s tax code has been altered so cannabis businesses can write off business expenses the way non-cannabis firms do.
  • The limited-time “impact fee” imposed on cannabis businesses that open shop in their municipality has been reduced to 3% of total sales.
  • Gov. Baker vetoed part of the bill that would have initiated a study on pediatric medical cannabis consumption in schools.


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