Brand: GRAV Labs

Grey Bauble Spoon | Grav

The bubblier Bauble. Our popular Bauble Spoon gets a refresh with more curves and smoother lines than ever. So what’s new? A bigger spoon and higher-capacity bowl are angled away from your hand, making the flower easier to light. The neck’s maria and mouthpiece have widened out, giving smoke more room to move—and looking slick while doing it. In a variety of lively colors, the new Bauble Spoon is gonna brighten up your day and your shop! Specifications Carb: On the left Designers: Stephan Peirce and Micah Evans Dimensions: 4.5” x 1.5” x 1.75”

About the brand :

Creating high-quality borosilicate glass since 2004. Advocates for the cannabis community, culture and causes. #findyourhigherself

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