Learning More About Cannabis Concentrates: What is Live Badder?

up close image of live resin badder, a cannabis concentrate, on a silver fork

Welcome to another deep dive into the world of cannabis concentrates. While many of us are familiar with the more traditional forms, there’s an innovative player making waves. Take the leap of discovery with Society Cannabis Co., as we unravel the enchantments of live badder; from its unique blend of freshness and exhilaration to the reasons it’s poised to be the highlight of your cannabis narrative. Together, we’ll unleash its magic and uncover why this game-changer might be the vibrant new twist you’ve been yearning to add to your unique cannabis journey.

The Basics of Cannabis Concentrates

First of all, what is a cannabis concentrate? Think of them as the essence of the cannabis plant, all packed into a potent little package. You might’ve heard of wax, shatter, crumble, rosin, and a few others – these are the main players in the concentrate game that differ mostly in texture. 

How are concentrates made? There are a few extraction methods to make this happen: 

  • BHO (Butane Hash Oil): This is the bad boy method where we use butane as the main extractor. It gives you some really potent stuff, but you have to purge the oil right to keep it clean.
  • CO2: Think of this as the eco-friendly cousin. Carbon dioxide is used to pull out the goods. It’s super clean, and the end product is top-notch.
  • Solventless: The minimalist approach! No chemicals, just pressure and heat to get the essence out.

What Makes Live Badder Unique?

Next, Live Badder is an artisan’s masterpiece, shouting freshness from each dab. It’s produced by instantly freezing freshly harvested cannabis plants, locking in the garden-fresh goodness of terpenes and cannabinoids. The production process then takes this fresh-frozen plant material on an extraction ride to produce a concentrate that’s unadulterated and primed to deliver the plant’s authentic spirit. 

Additionally, this cream-of-the-crop concentrate flaunts a creamy consistency akin to soft-serve ice cream, ensuring a breezy dabbing experience. While its flavorful profile impresses taste buds, its fresh and clean essence shines through in every hit, promising a sensational and fulfilling journey through the vibrancy of cannabis in its prime.

up close image of live resin badder, a cannabis concentrate, on a silver fork

What are the Advantages of Live Badder?

So, now that we know what makes live badder different from other concentrates, what benefits does live badder offer? Here are just a handful:

  • Terpene-rich Experience: Have you ever encountered an aroma so enticing that you find yourself wanting to continually experience it? That encapsulates the allure of live badder. Renowned for its high terpene profile, each consumption offers an explosion of charismatic aromas. Live badder stands out as the gourmet entrée in the cannabis world, brimming with excellent flavor.
  • Preservation of Authenticity: A noteworthy characteristic of live badder is its ability to maintain the inherent properties of the cannabis plant, specifically, the cannabinoids and terpenes. This authenticity translates to a genuine reflection of the plant’s original profile.
  • Remarkable Versatility: Whether your preferences lean toward dabbing, vaping, or incorporating it within your cannabis flower, live badder exhibits extraordinary synergy with numerous consumption methods. It’s practically the multi-tool equivalent within the realm of cannabis concentrates, prepared for an array of utilizations.
  • Uncompromised Purity: Due to the meticulously controlled production process of live badder, the resultant product is a concentrate that showcases immaculate purity. The outcome mirrors the freshness of newly laundered attire: pristine and invigorating.

The Live Badder Experience

Furthermore, live badder isn’t your typical concentrate. Think of it as taking the scenic route with cannabis. It’s fresh, it’s vibrant, and it’s going to give you a taste of the plant in its prime.

The Flavor & Scent Party

Thanks to its rich terpene game, every live badder dab brings out a dance of flavors and aromas that other concentrates might not touch. Each strain is its own adventure, but the overall theme? Bold, authentic, and oh-so-fresh.

Feeling & Vibes

On the potency scale, Live Badder stands tall. It’s got the kick, but it’s more than just strength – it’s about the depth of the experience. You’ll likely feel its effects pretty quickly, giving you a crisp sense of its quality. And while how long it lasts can vary from person to person, expect a fulfilling journey that really showcases what cannabis has to offer.

Society Cannabis – Your Trusted Companion for High-Quality Concentrates

Finally, at Society Cannabis, we pave the path to the finest, most exciting concentrates out there. From the bold and fresh live badder we’ve been raving about, to similar gems, we’ve curated a range that will elevate your experience. Embark on a sensory journey with us in our cannabis dispensary, where quality embraces passion, allowing us to guide you through the ultimate concentrate adventure.

Be sure to check out our online dispensary menu for all the latest cannabis concentrates offerings!

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