Learning More About Cannabis Concentrates: Shatter & Live Resin

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Dabbing cannabis concentrates has become an incredibly popular consumption method in cannabis culture.

With the most innovative dabbing devices and smoke accessories available, ‘cannassieurs’ and newcomers both can enjoy the purest and most potent cannabis in concentrate form. 

Whether it’s shatter, or live resin…various extraction methods and manufacturing techniques hold both of these types of concentrates to a certain, ‘high’ standard. 

Additionally, these elements that lead to the different types of cannabis concentrates have opened the door of possibilities regarding how consumers ultimately choose to smoke and enjoy. 

In one of our previous blogs, we covered the basics of wax, badder, and bubble hash. Keep reading to learn more!


Live Resin 

Firstly, Live Resin is cannabis concentrate that is extracted freshly from the whole cannabis plant. This plays a factor in its full-spectrum effects and high potency

Live resin is created by harvesting a cannabis plant that’s flash-frozen at significantly low temperatures, doused in a solvent solution, and then pressed to create a thick concentrate. 

This extraction process helps preserve the aroma and flavor (more specifically, the cannabinoids and terpenes) for a delicious, effective experience. 



Secondly, Shatter is a cannabis concentrate that is exactly what it sounds like — solid and translucent, it could shatter like glass.

Similar to live resin and wax, shatter also varies in its extraction methods. Typically with a butane or hydrocarbon solvent, the THC and other cannabinoids of the plant are extracted for a refined and potent concentration. 

When it comes down to the type of concentrate, the only true difference between wax and shatter is cosmetic. Shatter has a glass-like consistency and appearance because the extracted molecules are left untouched, compared to wax where the molecules are agitated in the process. 


How to Consume Cannabis Concentrates

In today’s legal cannabis market, there are plenty of ways to consume cannabis concentrates. No one consumption method is right or wrong over the other, but each user will have their preference of how to enjoy.  

Here are some of the many most common ways to enjoy your favorite cannabis concentrates:


Dab rig 

From glass-blown pieces to innovative electronic dab rigs, this method has quickly become the most commonly favored way to smoke wax cannabis concentrates. 

  • Using a blowtorch, heat up the nail. Keep in mind a lower temperature means tastier terpenes! 
  • Once the nail is heated, place the desired amount of wax concentrate onto the heated nail and spread it around so it melts evenly. 
  • Take an inhale and clear the vapor from the rig. 


Nectar Collector 

This is a simple and discreet way to enjoy your favorite concentrates. Typically made of glass or ceramic, Nectar Collectors come in all sorts of different (and super cool) shapes and styles. Considered like a joint or blunt in the dab world, Nectar Collectors are a convenient way to smoke: 

  • Lay your concentrate out on a flat, heat resistant surface. 
  • Using a blowtorch flame, heat the tip of the nectar collector until it is red.
  • Remove the tip from the flame, give the tip a few seconds and then gently tap or dip it into the concentrate. 
  • From the other end of your device, sip the end like a straw and inhale. 


Vape Cartridges 

Another simple and discreet consumption method, cannabis vape cartridges make it easy to heat up your wax or live resin at your fingertips. At Society we offer a variety of potent and flavor cannabis vape cartridges. 

These come in all forms of cannabis concentrates from distillate oil to live resin. 

  • Depending on the style of vaporizer, simply attach the vape cartridge. 
  • Hold down the button or preheat the vaporizer pen. 
  • Take an inhale for about 5 seconds, inhaling the vapor. 
  • Wait and assess the effects. Enjoy!


*Society Cannabis Co. — Pro Tip: 

You can wrap a small amount of your shatter or live resin around your joint or blunt! (Warm the concentrate up so it’s at a malleable temperature, snaking it around the outside base of your joint or blunt.) 

Finally, in today’s cannabis culture, there are plenty of ways to dab into your favorite cannabis concentrates. Shatter and live resin both share the standards of high potency and flavor, no matter the extraction method or technique chosen. 

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*Always consult a physician before making any changes to your health of fitness regimen. 

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