Here at Society Cannabis Co., we’re proudly committed to providing the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with the highest-quality of cannabis wellness and the best cannabis lifestyle products available on the market. We’re here to assist you to live your best life by fueling your independent spirit — and so our team tends to think of Society Cannabis as not just a company — but also as a mindset that encompasses eclecticism, experimentation and expertise, among many other ideals.

We aim to be a leader in this exciting era of legal cannabis in the Bay State. By offering premium products (house-crafted and curated from trusted brands) we plan to appeal to a diverse demographic looking for artisanal cannabis strains and the latest in cannabis industry innovation.

Excited to hear more about our company? Keep reading for more about our mission and vision, our brands, and information about our Soft Opening coming up very soon!

Society Cannabis Co.: Our Mission & Vision

We believe that “every moment, movement, and preference has a place.” 

We’re thrilled to be on the front lines of this era of cannabis freedom, innovation, and social equity that has taken the United States by storm within the past few decades. The future of cannabis in the Commonwealth certainly looks bright – So, Come Join Us!

Meet Our Society Cannabis Brands:

In addition to our curated menu, Society Cannabis Co. is also the home of several exclusive in-house brands:

Goldies Concentrates:

MixTape Prerolls:

RoyalRoots Edibles:

Sir Franklin’s Tinctures & Topicals:

Be Sure to Check out Our Society Cannabis Co. Dispensary Menu!

For the latest offerings, be sure to stay tuned to our dispensary menu – as we move forward, both cannabis novices and cannabis connoisseurs will be satisfied with our stellar selection.

Our Soft Opening: Saturday 9/4/2021 10am-6pm! We’re Excited to Meet You!

Where: 470 Main Street, Clinton, MA 01510

We’re working hard to offer you a menu that is deeply committed to quality, balance and value – in a fun, inviting space with knowledgeable, caring team members. We can’t wait to show you the progress we’ve made. Roll up!

Keep following along with our blog page for the latest news about our dispensary, as well as articles on cannabis culture & educational content. 

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