How Do Cannabis Edibles Work?

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Here at Society Cannabis Co., we are always looking to provide our loyal customers (and newcomers) with all the best cannabis information. As the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the rest of the U.S. awakens to the incredible potential of marijuana, there can surely be some confusion.

 In one of our previous blogs, we touched on some popular cannabis concentrates. Let us now turn to edibles and discuss how they work – while highlighting some stellar selections currently available on our shelves. 


What are Edibles?

First things first, let’s define ‘edibles’. (As a sidenote: when you’re starting or continuing your personal cannabis journey – it is absolutely crucial to make sure you’re getting your information from trustworthy sources.)

According to an article in Healthline:

Edibles are cannabis-based food products. They come in many different forms, from gummies to brownies, and contain either one or both of marijuana’s active ingredients: THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol).

In addition to the above-mentioned cannabinoids, edibles may also potentially contain other canna-compounds. It is also crucial to be sure you’re checking the label/packaging for any relevant ingredient information. 


How Do Cannabis Edibles Work?

Next, now that we know what edibles are, we can now have a clearer idea of how they work. For the uninitiated, it may seem that cannabis edibles can be thought as similar to smoking flower, etc., however this cannot be further from the truth…

You may be wondering, How exactly is the edibles experience different? Perhaps the biggest and most important way in which edibles differ is that rather than being inhaled, these compounds are instead ingested by the body. 

The cannabinoids and other canna-compounds are therefore entering your body through your stomach. Then, they are digested, traveling through your bloodstream on their way to their final resting place: your liver. 

Your liver then is responsible for the metabolization process. It releases these active ingredients right back into circulation within your bloodstream (as well as the brain).

While there is no magic number as far as onset times go, understanding that edibles take longer to kick in is also important. The best thing you can do is start very minimally and wait a while for effects, increasing or decreasing as you see fit.


Featured Products on our Society Cannabis Co. Shelves: Royal Roots

Finally, we’d love to introduce you to some yummy selections that have been getting our budtenders and our customers excited. From fruit chews to chocolate bites(& bars) – we’ve got the delectables to fit anyone’s palate. 

Above all else, the Royal Roots brand is 100% about helping you live gloriously~

“All mighty things grow from solid roots. Our edibles are crafted from the highest quality distillate cannabis oil infused into premium ingredients, to elevate the experience of cannabis edibles, and bring a little Regal into your day.”

Here are some of the featured products currently available: 


Royal Roots Chocolate: 

Chocolate lovers, it is your lucky day. Each of these scrumptious flavors are sure to satisfy canna-gourmands of all types:


Royal Roots Fruit Chews:

Feeling like adding a bit of zest to your days or nights? Look no further than these delightful, flavor packed treats:


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