Cannabis Culture in Massachusetts: What’s New in 2022?

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As we unfortunately leave the 4/20 block parties and smoke-outs in the rearview mirror for this year, Massachusetts cannabis culture continues to steadily grow. 

Within the past 6 years of state-legalized cannabis, Massachusetts has had the opportunity to form its strong, tightly-knitted networking, cultivation, and marketing event culture. 

While social cannabis clubs, laid-back gatherings, and casual events still need time to really define themselves within the state, we will be focusing mostly on these powerful marketing and connection initiatives that have grown in MA.


Highlighting Cannabis Marketing & Networking Events

As we mentioned in a previous blog, Massachusetts offers some of the biggest cannabis expos in the country. Events such as the BizzCan Expo and the New England Cannabis Convention have been going strong for years. 

To recap: The BizzCan Expo will take place June 10th-11th this year. It provides an abundant amount of resources to connect to potential canna entrepreneurs, and marketing, legal, and consulting services to launch businesses in the right direction.

New England Cannabis Convention or NECANN is the world’s largest B2B cannabis convention which brings the best people and knowledge to the ever-growing cannabis community of businesses, entrepreneurs, advocates, patients, investors, educators, and consumers alike.

Aside from the above two, Canna MGT has been one of the biggest resources for cannabis development in the state, offering B2B networking events within the industry for some time.  


Cannabis-related Workshops & Events

Massachusetts aims to offer some of the best cannabis workshops and training events in the country every year. From this side of the cultural sector, “Weed Webinars”, “Weed Warrior” training, cannabis career fairs, and smaller cultivation workshops are making their presence felt. 

Cultivation 101 with MCR Labs & JustinCredible Cultivation is exactly what we want to see more of popping up in MA. It doesn’t get any better than combining equitable opportunities with master growers to strengthen the roots in the state while building a bigger and more educated cannabis workforce.

Get HIGH-ERD Job Fair will take place this May where you can showcase your talents to top management in a relaxed setting while learning more about career opportunities in the industry with a great supporting cast of local cannabis professionals. 


Cannabis Clubs & Social Gatherings 

While the career and cannabis development culture seems to be the name of the game in Massachusetts and will be for some time, the social-cultural side will construct itself as the cannabis market matures in the state. 

Levitate Music Festival which is taking place this July from the 8th-10th – aims to provide a gathering place and platform for surf, music, art, and outdoor enthusiasts, creating a welcoming, educational, and fun hub for the Massachusetts community.

On the other hand, social clubs like The Summit Lounge, along with music gatherings will continue to be the bigger attraction pulls for the cannabis community and culture for the time being.


Continuing on the Trend of Introducing Our Society Team Members, We Would Love to Shout Out Another Amazing Cannabis Teammate! 

Here at Society, we like to think of ourselves as a little family built around strong relationships and trust. We’ve built an exceptional team and dispensary since our opening in 2021 and we couldn’t run it without their help. 

Mel has been with us since we opened our first dispensary and she continues to show how much cannabis means to us in the industry—how fulfilling of a career it can be as we continue to break the stereotypes around the plant. 

Even though Massachusetts needs time to mature and define what cannabis really means in the state, we know that the people behind the movement are everything!

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