Goldies is the ultimate good time partner-in-crime.

She is both the planner, ensuring a good time is had, and the spark that ignites our wild side. Down to earth and enthralling, Goldies is conversational topped off with a healthy splash of charming wit.

Sir Franklin is a neighborhood icon. He helped your mom heal her arthritis and heroically ended the poison ivy epidemic of ‘93. He is compassionate about helping people and kind of a nerd for nature. All Sir Franklin’s remedies come with a healthy anecdote.

Nature knows best; Stress is the source of all ailments.

Simple, warm, old-fashioned with a human touch.

Provide healthy, safe cannabis-infused treats without sacrificing taste.

RoyalRoots is all about living your best life, which, of course, means never sacrificing good taste. RoyalRoots is both honest and optimistic with enough clout and charisma to inspire a coup d’etat.

Handcrafted with heritage, with whimsical and modern accents.

A curated blend of our favorite strains, sourced from the state’s best cultivators, produced to enhance the soundtrack of your life. Grab a Mix Tape, live your story.

“Every mix tape tells a story. Put them together, and they can add up to the story of a life.”
–Rob Sheffield