Cannabis-Derived Terpene Spotlight: Caryophyllene

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In our previous blog, we did a deep dive into cannabis-derived terpenes and discussed the importance they play in our overall cannabis experience. Follow along to learn the unique terpene profile and interesting benefits of Caryophyllene – a rich, pungent compound that may be more familiar to your nose than you’d think!   Terpene Profile: […]

Marijuana Social Equity in Massachusetts

When MA’s firstlegal cannabis purchase occurred in 2018, there were just two licensed retail stores permitted to sell to the adult market. Fast forward two years later, more than 80 cannabis retail stores are open in the state and have generated more than $1 billion in cannabis sales (resulting in an estimated $170 million in […]

Society Cannabis Deeper Dives: The History of THC

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The legalization of cannabis and Massachusetts’ thriving dispensary market is growing now more than ever, but in actuality the cannabis plant and the THC compound itself have been around for centuries.  From Ancient Chinese medicine to sacred spiritual rituals, the history of THC has influenced the health, wellness, wealth, and overall community of various groups […]

Learning More About Cannabis Concentrates: Shatter & Live Resin

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Dabbing cannabis concentrates has become an incredibly popular consumption method in cannabis culture. With the most innovative dabbing devices and smoke accessories available, ‘cannassieurs’ and newcomers both can enjoy the purest and most potent cannabis in concentrate form.  Whether it’s shatter, or live resin…various extraction methods and manufacturing techniques hold both of these types of […]

The Importance of Minor Cannabinoids

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Minor cannabinoids are not only some of the building blocks that advance the health effects and benefits of cannabis but are also becoming a huge cornerstone of cannabis medicine and healthcare in the industry.  From promoting something called The Entourage Effect through its application of creating a “full-spectrum” product to the possibility of calming down […]

How Do Cannabis Edibles Work?

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Here at Society Cannabis Co., we are always looking to provide our loyal customers (and newcomers) with all the best cannabis information. As the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the rest of the U.S. awakens to the incredible potential of marijuana, there can surely be some confusion.  In one of our previous blogs, we touched on […]

What are Cannabis-Derived Terpenes?

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It seems that every day we discover more and more factors that contribute to what makes our favorite cannabis strains feel, smell, and taste the way they do.  When we consume cannabis, the cannabinoids in our herb interact with and trigger the receptors in our brain that may make us sleepy, hungry, or euphoric. Although […]

Cannabis Culture in Massachusetts: What’s New in 2022?

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As we unfortunately leave the 4/20 block parties and smoke-outs in the rearview mirror for this year, Massachusetts cannabis culture continues to steadily grow.  Within the past 6 years of state-legalized cannabis, Massachusetts has had the opportunity to form its strong, tightly-knitted networking, cultivation, and marketing event culture.  While social cannabis clubs, laid-back gatherings, and […]

Cannabis Cultivars, Strains, & Landraces: What are the Differences?

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As research surrounding cannabis rapidly increases, proper education regarding this amazing plant is certainly becoming more and more important. If you’ve been following along with our most recent blogs, our last piece explored the particulars of Bubble Hash, Wax, and Badder.  Follow along with us as we dig into another vital topic: the differences between […]

About Cannabis Concentrates: Bubble Hash, Wax, & Badder

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It’s 2022, and we’re certainly in the middle of the cannabis ‘boom’ here in the United States, and especially in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. As more affordable cannabis hits the market, newer innovations and products such as concentrates are also on the rise. Concentrates are beginning to make their presence felt. This is due to […]